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How to Write Stories Outside of Your Comfort Zone

One of the easiest traps to fall into as an emerging storyteller is the one you set for yourself – the writer’s comfort zone. The reason for this is simple to understand. As beginning writers, we are obsessed with the idea that we are not “good enough” or still have “so much to learn” that instead of treasuring that new perspective, we focus completely on developing and improving our work.

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How to Use Different Storytelling Mediums to Enhance Your Writing

Hi, there! Welcome to the final installment of the #storytellingshift series. In this series, I teach fellow writers how to become storytellers, starting with the key to unlocking endless inspiration. If you're feeling a bit lost and are wondering what the difference is between a writer and a storyteller, jump back to the beginning of the series, where I define the difference for you.

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7 Stories from Seven Different Muslim Countries

As writers our principle form of activism is our voice. To be more specific, the voice of our pen. However, another form of activism - though far more subtle and long-term in its effects - is in the books we choose to read. With every book you buy, you share, and you tell people about, you are saying that more of those books should be read, and marketers and companies will start to follow that over time.

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The Number One Ingredient You Need to Tell a Great Story

When it comes to telling stories, there are a lot of people out there telling you all the rules you should and shouldn’t follow. They tell you not to use adverbs in prose and to avoid voice-overs in screenplays. They tell you the key to a great story is character, but then they tell you it’s plot. With every article you read you become more and more doubtful about what is right for your story, or if you’re even doing anything right at all.

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How Video Games Can Help Your Storytelling

Video games get a bad rep. This is perhaps due in part because to some extent, video games can be really bad for people. There are games that are addictive and remove people from life and games that promote violence and sexist or racist stereotypes.

Yet these traits, especially the latter, are equally as prevalently in movies and books and yet no one seems to be a harbinger of justice for those mediums. And that is because as a culture, we can see how these mediums can also be very good for our culture, parodying what is wrong with it or creating characters who address our current state of the world.

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How to Create a Writer's Ritual

Having devoted a large portion of my life to tennis, I am quite familiar with the idea of creating a ritual before a match or a serve to help me get into the mindset for the game, and as I began to become more dedicated to writing, I carried that practice over with me. One of the most difficult parts about writing that nobody mentions to you is pure mental perseverance.The truth is, sometimes we really aren't in the mood to write, and that's okay. There are days we feel uninspired or unworthy, and even the most seasoned writers face this challenge. But what matters is how we face that challenge, and what sets us apart is that we choose to overcome this challenge and choose to do so everyday. I have found the best way to do this is with a writer's ritual.

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