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The Storytelling Gift Guide

No matter what holiday you celebrate, you should celebrate your storytelling self by giving yourself a treat! But beyond just giving yourself some new pens or a fancy notebook, this year I want you to consider challenging yourself with your gift, picking out a new genre or medium you wouldn't usually select and giving it a chance. That's why I've created several gift guides for you to help you branch out, but also treat yourself to something nice!

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5 Signs You Need to Break Up With Your Story

Break ups are hard. And not because whatever or whomever you're breaking up with is just important to you, but because of all the time you feel has been lost afterwards. Your mind wonders if maybe you'd have been better of never encountering this person (or story!) or what you're supposed to do with all the scraps of those efforts. Do you toss them out? Do you try and build back up the pieces? Or do you attempt to forget it all?

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How to Create a Storytelling Genius

When I was younger, I, like many others, was at one point convinced I needed to suffer to be an artist. I wanted to be great and memorable and someone people talked about, and if I'm being honest it's still something I want. Who wouldn't? We all want to have meaning in this world, and a lot of us storytellers find that via writing, so it'd be nice to make a living and maybe then some off of that.

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How to Stay Healthy as a Writer Living a Sedentary Life

When I was in high school, I was an athlete. I don't mean that modestly either - tennis was my life. During the school year I trained everyday at a local tennis academy after school and played tournaments on the weekend. During the summer I bumped my two hour days to six and eight hour days to truly dedicate myself to becoming a higher ranked player. At this time in my life I could get home and drink chocolate milk and have three slices of pizza and chips and salsa and still lose weight - and no wonder why! I was often burning double if not triple daily my daily calorie intake everyday.

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