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How to Edit Your Short Story

Finishing a short story is one of the most exciting things a storyteller can experience. Often this is achieved in a short time, so you still have the rush of excitement and enthusiasm for your work that writing a novel may not permit. For that reason, you may be eager to start editing your story as soon as possible, but not know where to begin.

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How to Write a Short Story Outline

Writing a short story can often be intimidating, even if you've finished a novel recently or some other grand project. Despite it's brevity, a short story is much looser in its structure and up for a lot of interpretation. Because of this, if you're struggling with short fiction, it becomes difficult to look to classic structure for guidance—even if you're writing a more structureless piece.

Plus, not only is the structure much different, but it also requires more efficiency with your words, which is why knowing how to write a short story outline can be a lifesaver for some in the brainstorming phase, and even great for writers approaching second and third drafts!

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How to Write a Short Story Step-by-Step

When you talk to most writers, you'll find that they often discuss how difficult it is to write a novel. And in many ways they are right. Writing a novel is grueling. It requires endurance, patience, and a lot of persevering through your own ideas.

As a result, there are tons of resources available to writers on how to write a novel, but very rarely are there guides on how to write a short story step-by-step. Writing a novel feels like much more of an achievement than writing a short story after all. Plus, there are so many different ways to write a short story, far more than writing a novel in fact, that finding one way to do it that works for everyone is impossible.

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What to Expect From Your NaNoWriMo Draft

If you’re participating or have participated in NaNoWriMo, you know how hard those first few days of November can be, but also how exciting! Whether you’re writing the first few pages of your first novel ever or gearing up for your tenth piece, those first few days never change.

They’re tough and they’re grueling, but once you power through them, they’re so worth it and suddenly you feel like you can do ANYTHING as a writer.

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7 Ways to Begin Your Next Novel

Often one of the most difficult parts of writing a novel is starting. The blank page is known to have intimidated even some of the greatest authors, so it should come as no surprise that no matter how many novels you’ve written – whether it’s your first or your 30th – the beginning is often the most difficult.

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Five A24 Films to Inspire Your Novel

With this year's Moonlight win at the Oscars, a lot of big things happened. The primary thing most people are talking about is how monumental Moonlight's win is for people of color. It's rare to see a movie about a black gay man get much recognition and for it to win best picture is a huge achievement. However, in addition to the social progress, Moonlight's win speaks to the underdog of the film industry – the independent film.

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7 Stories from Seven Different Muslim Countries

As writers our principle form of activism is our voice. To be more specific, the voice of our pen. However, another form of activism - though far more subtle and long-term in its effects - is in the books we choose to read. With every book you buy, you share, and you tell people about, you are saying that more of those books should be read, and marketers and companies will start to follow that over time.

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