How to Create a Video Game World

Now that you’ve learned how to approach writing a video game script, you’re now ready to start building the world of your narrative and start bringing it to life. 

Though you can write a novel without doing any world building, it is absolutely essential for video games, as that is how all players will experience your story.

You cannot explore a video game through the mind, through contemplation and through thought the way you might in a novel—there always must be something for your character (and player) to wander through for your story to be a video game and not a movie or a TV series.

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How to Write a Good Video Game Story

Whether you’ve been playing video games since you were a kid or have recently noticed them as an exciting new medium to tell your story in, you may be wondering how to write a good video game story.

After all, video games seem deeply complex and overwhelming—not to mention all the development work behind them. Is writing a video game on your own really possible, let alone a good one?

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What to Expect From Your NaNoWriMo Draft

If you’re participating or have participated in NaNoWriMo, you know how hard those first few days of November can be, but also how exciting! Whether you’re writing the first few pages of your first novel ever or gearing up for your tenth piece, those first few days never change.

They’re tough and they’re grueling, but once you power through them, they’re so worth it and suddenly you feel like you can do ANYTHING as a writer.

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The NaNoWriMo Schedule for All Storytelling Types

It’s that time of year again when National Novel Writing Month is around the corner! For many people, this means finding the time to write a novel for the first time EVER. And instead of doing it alone, you do it with tons of other people going through the same thing on the same schedule!

However, what if you’re a storyteller looking to finally that great big “thing,” and that “thing” isn’t a novel? What if you’ve always wanted to write a television pilot or a play, but you haven’t yet mustered up the courage—or time—to write it yet?

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