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How to Uncover Your Character’s Motivation

Without knowing character motivation, the actions behind the decisions of characters becomes meaningless, if not completely boring. Yes, the premise of someone quitting her job to travel across the country—and live uncharacteristically like a hippy—is interesting, but if you were to watch that movie or read that book and never discover why she decided she needed to take a cross-country road trip, you’d likely be pretty upset.

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The Ultimate Trick to Crafting Complex Characters

At the heart of a great story almost always lies a great character. While there are of course exceptions in which the setting or the plot carry the narrative, in most circumstances a great story isn’t without a stand-out character or two.

Because of this, all writers devote time to crafting characters with the hopes that they are unique and memorable.

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Do You Have a Main Character or Protagonist?

Oftentimes, the titles main character and protagonist are easily confused - and for good reason. Usually, both the main character and the protagonist are the same character, so that when discussing stories, we tend to use the terms interchangeably, and correctly so. But sometimes, the main character and the protagonist are not the same person. When this happens, the lines become blurred and people begin to misuse both terms.

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