Six Plays Every Writer Must Read

Often as novelists, it’s easy to get caught up in all the books we need to read. However, if you’ve ever felt like you were in a writing funk, then it might be a good idea to try mixing things up and reading a play–or seeing one if your local theater is showing any.

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PlaywritingEmma Welsh
Playwriting vs. Screenwriting: What's the Difference?

To many people, a play and a movie are strikingly similar in how they tell stories. In fact, many plays are adapted into movies almost seamlessly, it’s a wonder the two aren’t interchangeable.

However, if you are someone looking to write a play or a movie and you’re not sure which to pick, just randomly selecting to write a play because you think it will be easily adapted into a movie is not only a poor idea, but will limit your creativity as a storyteller.

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How to be a Good Storyteller

If you asked any fellow writer if they wanted to be a “good storyteller” they would undoubtedly say “yes.” Even if it’s not for reasons tied to fame, recognition, or success, everyone wants to be good at what they do.

However, to be “good” at something has many different meanings, especially in the artistic world.

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The StoryEmma Welsh
7 Ways to Begin Your Next Novel

Often one of the most difficult parts of writing a novel is starting. The blank page is known to have intimidated even some of the greatest authors, so it should come as no surprise that no matter how many novels you’ve written – whether it’s your first or your 30th – the beginning is often the most difficult.

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How to Create Your Ideal Writing Life

The notion of creating an ideal writing life as an unknown storyteller is something that at first feels incredibly far off.

This is because you more than likely aren’t being paid for your stories, which means other things such as work or family are interrupting what could have been a full day of nonstop writing.

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PrepworkEmma Welsh
What You’re Forgetting in Your Screenplay – Worldbuilding

When it comes to worldbuilding, I must admit, I usually neglect it, be it on this blog, where I rarely even mention it, or in my own screenplays. Instead, I'm all about characters and getting them "right" so that often I completely forget to think about the world. 

For a while, I assumed this was okay and that I was just writing in "reality" – especially for my films. But after reading Morgan's article of worldbuilding I came to quickly realize that all of my favorite movies have a deep layer of worldbuilding, I just wasn't seeing it! In fact, I was often mistaking this worldbuilding for "style."

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