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The Eight Sequence Method

While in many ways the minute-by-minute approach to writing a script feels comfortable - it is in fact just a very detailed three act structure guiding writers when to hit major plot points - for some, this writing approach can feel stressful. Maybe all your scenes are just a few pages ahead of the typical page numbers you're supposed to be aiming for, or maybe you find the entire approach too precise for your taste. Either way, it can get intimidating starting down the 100 blank pages you need to fill without some sort of guidance.

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Writing by the Minute for Feature Films

When you first learn about screenwriting, one of the first general rules you'll learn is that one page in the script equals about roughly one minute of screen time. Of course, that's not always the case, Veep's first script being around 45 pages long but coming in at 30 minutes on screen. However, if you haven't "made it" in the industry, you'll likely have to face the reality that your script won't be accepted many places if it's over 120 pages or under 90. 

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Why Game of Thrones Works for Television

With its sixth season coming to a climactic close, Game of Thrones remains one of the most popular series to date, especially given its large following both within the television world and the literary world. While other shows like Breaking Bad or Mad Men are equally as successful as well as creative, the fanbase in Game of Thrones is oftentimes unique to fantasy or science fiction genres because there is so much world to be discovered and learned about. This is also the case for the two other big fantasy series, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, which got me wondering if either series could be adapted for television.

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