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Writing by the Minute for Feature Films

When you first learn about screenwriting, one of the first general rules you'll learn is that one page in the script equals about roughly one minute of screen time. Of course, that's not always the case, Veep's first script being around 45 pages long but coming in at 30 minutes on screen. However, if you haven't "made it" in the industry, you'll likely have to face the reality that your script won't be accepted many places if it's over 120 pages or under 90. 

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How to Quickly Determine the Best Ending For Your Story

A lot of storytellers will tell you that the hardest part about writing is getting started, but for me that has always been the easiest part. Maybe that's because my whole youth involved me starting a bunch of stories I never finished, leading to my subsequent problem of never being able to figure out how to end my stories because all I had ever practiced was beginning. A lot of times I would leave my story endings in limbo, cutting the story off early because I couldn't figure out where to go or tying way too many loose ends together because I figured the reader wanted to know how every single detail worked out.

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