How This Blog Is Changing

Hello there! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? (Like almost nine months—yikes!)

Last time we talked, I was probably very enthusiastic about revamping this blog (see here and here). And while deep down this really is something I want to return to, over the past few months as I had an exciting career change into an industry I love, my love for stories was “reignited” (if you will), and I realized what I want for this blog has completely changed, and I’ve been in total denial.


So, it’s time to come clean.

I don’t plan to offer resources on creative writing anymore.

Or write about them.

Or send emails about them.

If you’ve followed me for long, this may not be a surprise. Hello—I’ve been a ghost on this site for the past two years. But at the same time, it was a surprise for me. This blog has always been a place I created to inspire me, and so I always thought that once I returned to blogging about writing, my “slump” would be solved. However, it turns out I was totally wrong, and sometimes you can’t go back. Sometimes, things change, and that’s what is right to do, even if you feel like you’re betraying a promise to yourself.

For a long time I avoided coming back here out of shame.

And then over time I began dwelling on it more and realized I needed to make this a place for me again, not for an audience. I know that can sound selfish, but since writing tips on writing no longer fulfills me, I’m not doing my readers any good anyway. I never respond to emails anymore, never offer tips on writing, and am just in general not present the way I should be if I’m going to claim I blog about writing.

My best work on this blog was done when I was writing these articles for myself, and now that I don’t really want that anymore, this blog has been completely ignored and become something I’ve avoided because it makes me feel like a failure.

So moving forward, I’m pivoting this blog to focus on my own stories. Maybe that means no more writing blog posts anymore, or maybe it means writing more of a “newsletter” on my progress. Who knows! But I want to start focusing on my work again, because when you spend all day writing and editing for work, then come home and write a blog post on writing, by the end of the day you’re completely drained and can’t even bother to read books or write your own creative fiction.

Of course, I’m not going to do away with all my old posts. They’ll still be here, available for you to read.

And, even better, you can now download all my resources for FREE! Meaning no subscription required (though it’s not like I send emails anymore.)

This is because:

  • Having an email list I don’t even maintain is $$$.

  • I only want people on my newsletter who are interested in my future writing projects. This is part of me building out my brand as an author again, so I hope you’ll understand!

That’s not to say I haven’t been proud or fulfilled by my previous work on this site. I LOVED writing resources about different storytelling mediums, and hope you all still find my advice helpful and inspiring here! But, as I juggle the rest of my life with my creative dreams, I know now it’s time to move on and focus on my own works.

In the coming months, you can expect to see me:

  • Taking down all my subscription forms on blog posts. As mentioned, you’ll still be able to download all resources for free here.

  • Reworking any email courses to be available on the blog or in some other digital format.

  • And maybe even posting about my own stories more here! Who knows. At the very least, this will start to look more like a portfolio and hub for my work, and less like a resource site.

Never fear, if you’re a kind reader who wants to be kept up to speed on my work, subscribing will still be available, and I won’t remove current subscribers from my list. I just am trying to future-proof new subscribers to ensure they are connecting based on an interest staying up to date on my work only.

I really must thank all of you for your support these past 3+ years. It’s been so wonderful to connect with other writers and so fulfilling to see my work help people. It’s not something I take lightly, and that’s why this decision was something I dwelled on and delayed for so long. I hope you all know how even on my most quiet days, I thought about the kind people who encouraged me to keep this blog up! And for that, I still will. Just in a new format.

Keep on telling your stories,


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