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6 Story Outline Techniques for Writers

When you have a story idea in mind, there can be nothing more exciting. There is so much possibility ahead, so many different ways you can envision your story coming together, that it can be difficult to sit down and outline the story, especially if you don't like traditional outlining.

That's why learning different outlining techniques are important. Quickly you'll learn that you don't need to follow a structure to outline your story, but can mix and match other techniques to find the best outlining method for you.

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How to be a Good Storyteller

If you asked any fellow writer if they wanted to be a “good storyteller” they would undoubtedly say “yes.” Even if it’s not for reasons tied to fame, recognition, or success, everyone wants to be good at what they do.

However, to be “good” at something has many different meanings, especially in the artistic world.

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How to Write Stories Outside of Your Comfort Zone

One of the easiest traps to fall into as an emerging storyteller is the one you set for yourself – the writer’s comfort zone. The reason for this is simple to understand. As beginning writers, we are obsessed with the idea that we are not “good enough” or still have “so much to learn” that instead of treasuring that new perspective, we focus completely on developing and improving our work.

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How to Use Different Storytelling Mediums to Enhance Your Writing

Hi, there! Welcome to the final installment of the #storytellingshift series. In this series, I teach fellow writers how to become storytellers, starting with the key to unlocking endless inspiration. If you're feeling a bit lost and are wondering what the difference is between a writer and a storyteller, jump back to the beginning of the series, where I define the difference for you.

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How to Assess Your Story’s Strengths

Hi, there! Welcome back to the #StorytellingShift series where I walk fellow writers through the process of learning how to become storytellers. If you're not sure what going from a writer to a storyteller means, hop on over to my first post in the series where I introduce the key to unlocking endless storytelling inspiration as well as the main premise behind the great #StorytellingShift.

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