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Storytelling is the new writing.


Hi! I'm E.M. Welsh and I teach fellow writers how to learn to tell stories in different mediums.

In my undergraduate studies I took as many creative writing classes as I could. I wrote several drafts of a novel, a television pilot, two feature films, a TON of short stories, several short plays, and even a video game quest.

Quickly I came to see how beneficial it was to write in different storytelling mediums. I saw my entire perspective shift as a writer and went from having no story ideas to having more than I could keep track of!

Since then, I've helped hundreds of other people have the same revelations so that they too can start seeing themselves as more than just writers, but as storytellers

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Start your journey from writer to storyteller.

Still confused about what I mean when I say "storyteller" or "medium"? Grab the free ebook, The Storytelling System to learn exactly what makes storytelling so different today, then learn how to take your ideas and imagine them as novels, screenplays, plays, and video games, deciding which would be best.

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