Challenge Your Writing Life With the Storytelling System Ebook

It's finally here! My brand new and completely free ebook, The Storytelling System, a 50-page guide to taking your story through the four main mediums for telling stories: novels, movies, plays and video games.


So many of my fellow writer friends often say things like "I would love to write a script, I just don't know how," or "I don't have the talent for prose." And I think that's ridiculous! While there might be a learning curve for some people in other mediums, we are all storytellers, storytellers who know the general shape of a good story. So if that's the case, why are people so afraid to try new mediums?

It's my belief that while you may be stronger in one medium, trying out and writing in other mediums will make you a better storyteller. Take, for example, my first playwriting class. I was totally clueless and albeit a little insecure. My experience at that point was constrained to prose and screenwriting and this weird world of writing that looked like a script but also like a novel confused me.

Everyone else in my class was well-versed in the genre except a few others, and what I found was that over time, even though I maybe wasn't writing the best plays, I was bringing strange and unique things to the genre many of my peers had never thought about! And so were the other people who were inexperienced in playwriting! Sure, I was a complete newb, but I was bringing a childlike imagination to the medium nobody had thought of before, and that's something you can do too using my ebook!

Plus, the more you dabble in other mediums, the better your writing will become in your preferred one. I've always been a prose gal, with screenwriting coming second. But what I've found is that when I pursue other types of writing, my prose becomes stronger because I have broadened my perspective, and that's really exciting!

Over time I've even begun to think about what is best for my story, not for my comfort zone. I look to mediums and see the strengths in each and wonder how best I can bring out my story in each.

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Did you push your story to its limits by working it through the Storytelling System? Tell me how your experience was below! 

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