Work with me in a workshop, mastermind, or individual consultation


Whether you need help deciding what medium to tell your story in, a guided workshop community to provide feedback, or want to join a lifetime mastermind that's always work to write the next best story, there's a personalized path for every storyteller.


Have a story idea that's been on your mind for ages? Not sure if your idea should be a novel or a video game?  Need advice deciding which story to write next?

Book a 60-minute video call with me where we'll talk about your storytelling woes and hash out the best solution.

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Work with 10-15 storytellers from all different backgrounds for a three-month period, guided by E.M. Welsh.

In this workshop, you and your peers will write stories of all different types, giving and receiving feedback from both workshop participants and E.M. herself.

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The ultimate form of collaboration, work with me and a small group of fellow storytellers, while we collaborate to create new stories in the Storytelling Mastermind.

In this mastermind, participants will keep each other accountable and check-in one with one another regularly. We will help each other build our storytelling careers, cultivating a lifetime partnership.

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