Take your storytelling to the next level with an in-depth course


Swiss Army Storytelling

The perfect course for those with a ton of ideas, or none at all, Swiss Army Storytelling guides fellow writers through the process of envisioning different ideas as a novel, film or TV show, play, and video game concept. By the end of the course you'll have four different projects to start with, giving you the ideal jumping point into the storytelling realm and other courses.



Swank Up Your Script

Swank Up Your Script is the only course out there that teaches screenwriting as an art, not as a formula. In this course you'll learn how to write a full-length film, covering things like the format and structure, but you'll also learn so much more that no one else is teaching out there, like how to utilize things like the camera, sounds, and lighting as a writer.


Nada to Novel

Once you've learned what makes different storytelling mediums different + proven to yourself you can write a full-length script, you're ready to tackle the grand novel. In Nada to Novel, fellow storytellers will learn how to go from nothing, to a full novel in three months time. 

Though this course is just a concept at the moment, if you'd like to get on the VIP list and hear more about future progress with Nada to Novel, fill out the form below!